Forté Hotel Booking Engine

A robust booking engine, web-based system that conveniently places a hotel inventory of 76,000 properties at the agents’ fingertips, which can be bookable online without a GDS. Key features of the Hotel Booking Engine include:

  • Easy-to-use booking engine with comprehensive property details.
  • Geo Search allows agents to quickly select from a pre-configured listing of the most frequently requested destinations.
  • Itinerary-builder shopping cart function allows multiple bookings in a single session, with guest information only being entered once.
  • Pop-up calendar allows agent to automatically complete date fields when the end-user selects a date from the calendar.
  • Real-time credit card validation available.
  • Confirmation via email sent to agent when making a booking or canceling a reservation.
  • Agents can easily switch between multiple languages without interrupting shopping flow.
  • Multiple foreign currency conversions available when viewing rates.

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