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Forté Global is a global travel management company. Leading travel agencies participate as licensees in an international network. Upon joining the organization, they instantly become partners with other top agencies around the world, and gain the ability to engage in global account sharing and data consolidation. Forté Global provides the infrastructure and resources for larger independent agencies to offer multi-national corporate clients superior account management and customer service.

This powerful organization helps agents find new accounts, service multi-national accounts locally, obtain foreign business from other members, take advantage of inbound business, and coordinate joint RFPs.

Account Management

The cost of travel is the second largest expenditure for many corporations today. We understand that part of your directive and your mission, along with providing efficient and safe passage for your company's executives, is to control cost and provide opportunities for savings.

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Global Data Consolidation

Forté Global agencies are well-equipped to provide fully automated web-based reporting and consolidated travel spending for your company's worldwide travel data 24/7..

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Forté Global Travel Emergency Assistance

Corporate travelers demand a high level of service. They want, need and request access to their travel planners 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. With TRAVEL HELPLINE, business travelers are never alone when journeying across town or across continents.  Forte agencies have the latest in duty of care technology to assist your travelers during their journeys.

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Forté Global Corporate Hotel Program

Our Global Preferred Rate Hotel Program features over 20,000 negotiated hotel rates around the world. In addition, you have access to BAR (Best Available Rate)—a flexible rate structure that gives you a better value with rates adjusted downward based on market conditions. 

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Forté Global Niche Program

The Forté Global Niche Alliance Program gives companies access to essential local/regional market expertise and service of personnel on-the-ground in key regions worldwide where your employees do business. 

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Luxury hotel pool

The Affluent Traveler

This semi-annual, award consumer magazine is a collection of world-class luxury travel experiences. The Affluent Traveler features lavish photos and engaging articles that are used to inspire travelers to daydream about new and exotic adventures in the most beautiful and hospitable places around the world.

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Concur Travel

Through a single on-demand service, Concur Travel presents companies and travelers with inventory options from any or all of the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS), plus exclusive direct connects, and Internet-only sources, providing unrestricted access to the widest selection of air, hotel, rental car, and rail inventory. 

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Forté Global Hotel Booking Engine

A robust booking engine, web-based system that conveniently places a hotel inventory of 76,000 properties at the agents’ fingertips, which can be bookable online without a GDS.

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Forté Global Preferred Technology Providers

Forté Global has established preferred technology agreements to provide your company with a variety of powerful solutions.

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